About us

We are the sole distributor of Tikiri toys and Oogles linen and clothing range through out South Africa.

We stock the following ranges :

Bonikka Dolls

Tikiri Toys

Goodnight Wildwood

We also manufacture our own exclusive brand OOgles Linen / Clothing

The Tikiri Story:

Born in Sri Lanka, Tikiri is a brand whose products are based on the well-being of children and toddlers. 

From the conception, our toys are designed to meet children's physical and emotional development.  They

are ethically produced with eco-friendly and durable materials like cotton and / or natural rubber.

In local dialect "Tikiri" means "Teeny Tiny", a word with a sweet and soft sound,

just like our toys!

For all their rubber toys Tikiri uses only natural rubber, and thus 100% eco-friendly!

As part of our core values, all our products are ethically sourced,

so that we can be sure to leave a healthier world for our future generations.

The Bonnika story:

Let a special child in your life know just how much you care.  You're there

to support them on their journey through life when you can't be right by their 


The gift of Bonikka provides a lasting reminder

that they're love... and a cherished companion

to share experiences with, confide in

and provide them comfort

Our collection of beautifully handcrafted rag dolls

are created around the concept of family - the bond that ties us together!

... through which, a special kind of love

and responsibility are expressed. 

Each Bonikka doll is a friend, waiting to

be adopted by a special child and is

ready to take on the nature and

personality that a child most desires in a

favourite playmate.

The Oogles story:

It all started when I, Lizanne van der Ende fell pregnant with our first child, a little baby girl. As a first

time mommy I obviously wanted the best for our little bundle of joy! Shopping around for the best

quality with that special personal touch items for my little princesses nursery I realized the need

mommies have for that very special personal touch items.

‘My dream was to create a business that look and feel nursery the moment you walk in’

I started designing laser cut names and themes for baby nurseries which the new mommies could chop

and change according to her taste. Seeing the smiles and excitement on each expectant mommies face

when collecting the order, was so fulfilling that I started doing research on more products new

mommies might need.

To be more exclusive I started my own nursery linen range OOgles


As a little girl I loved drawing these funny cute looking characters with big eyes usually on birthday

cards. When I was pregnant I started drawing them again. One day whilst sitting at the dining table

with my mom, Charlotte Steyn I got the idea, what if I use them on linen/clothing, etc. That is when my

imagination started running wild! I then quickly draw a few of the characters on a piece of paper not

knowing how to put them together! That’s when my mom came up with a name for them that suits

them perfectly “OOgles”. This name was pretty awesome as the characters’ eyes came alive in the

name “OOgles”. There it was, the OOgles was born, funny loveable creatures!

Today still researching and expanding our ranges with new and exclusive brands for that extra special

personal touch!

Watch this space……

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